Who We Are

our Mission

“The Ottawa Campus Chaplaincy creates hospitable spaces for students, faculty and staff to explore Christian faith and to practice justice and mercy in God’s world.”

We hope to create spaces that you can call home, spaces where you can explore, discover and flourish in ways that maybe you didn’t even realize were possible. Home should never be a space where you are alone. Whether it’s a connection to friends and/or a connection to God, we want your time on campus to be one in which you’re developing rich relationships that help you engage with Christ, with community and with culture.

The OCC operates under 4 core values: care, belonging, discipleship & leadership. 

The role of a chaplaincy is to provide spiritual care and religious well-being for the constituency it belongs to. We want to take that call seriously and work with our campuses to love the people and find ways to nurture them in their spiritual wellness. Within the structures of the institutions and the services they provide, we endeavour to further the place of spirituality as crucial to the educational environment. We also want to be the presence and sign post of Jesus Christ within the University and will do so through pastoral care and friendship in a variety of settings. Learn more.

Relationship and a sense of belonging are central to the community that Christ calls all people into. Christ is the head of a body which has many parts. We want to build relationships with people and hospitable spaces of belonging where all feel loved and welcome. Belonging, friendship and community are central to our campus body. This includes creating hospitable spaces of belonging where people, regardless of belief or no belief, find themselves at home within an environment of curious inquiry. Learn more.

We want those who find belonging in our community to experience Jesus and become his disciples. They experience Jesus through outworking of justice and mercy in the life of the community. We invite discipleship through small groups, spiritual disciplines, mentoring and faith filled scholastic inquiry. We endeavour to encourage spiritual growth that understands academic study as a discipleship path to future callings. Learn more.

As students grow as disciples of Jesus, they are invited to consider the mission that God has called them to.
As a community of Christ, we invite members to consider how God is calling each of us to lead in the different spheres of life, be it work, friendships, school or home. We endeavour to encourage all disciples to consider the gifts that God has given them. We want to help students consider how they might use their gifts to bear witness to Jesus Christ in all areas of life, including their campuses, and to love the creation as Christ does. Learn more.

May you find a welcoming community ready to embrace you in the journey!

our chaplain

(Rev, Pastor) Sid Ypma

Sid Ypma has been our University Chaplain in Ottawa since 2012. His journey to campus ministry winds its way back from pastoring a church in BC, doing a Master of Divinity at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids MI, working at Redeemer University in Ancaster, ON, doing an undergraduate degree in in Political Science and History from Redeemer University and growing up on a farm in Southern Alberta. 

But the journey has always been about relationships. Along the way, his journey joined with his partner Brenda and their kids Anna, Abram & Eben. At each stop, the greatest discoveries have usually been the friendships and people who helped create home, community and spaces of belonging. Ultimately this journey has been about his relationship with Jesus, who keeps surprising and challenging him through a variety of unique opportunities. Sid’s hope is that you also will be a part of his journey and would love connect with you. Never hesitate to reach out to him. While chaplain may be his job, its also a privilege to get to share in other people’s stories and journeys – including yours.


While the OCC is supported by the Christian Reformed Church in North America and the Presbyterian Church of Canada through the local Ottawa Presbytery, and that shapes our understanding of faith and life, the campus chaplaincy is a community of people made up of a diversity of people from different backgrounds and theological traditions.

If you wish to understand some of the traditions we were born out of, you can find the statements of faith for the CRC here and PCC here.

If you wish to connect with one of our local church partners you can look here for CRC churches and here for Presbyterian churches.