Deadline – MAY 1, 2024

The Integrating Christian Faith Internships are ways of developing your leadership skills, deepening your understanding of a Christ and investing in the mission of Christ on campus in Ottawa.

Some of the things we look for in interns and leaders are:

  • Passion for building communities where everyone belongs and for drawing others into spaces where people can explore Christian Faith.

  • Interest in reflecting deeply and wanting to grow in their understanding of faith, vocation and life.

  • A desire to be part of a team that values faith, collaboration, diversity and dialogue.

  • Displays a high level of personal initiative and responsibility.

  • Interest in contributing to the life of the university through faith initiatives.

Internships and Leadership development is based on four pillars of growth: Biblical Literacy, Spiritual Disciplines, Vocational Calling & Community Service. Working with our campus chaplain, students will be a part of a learning team while experiencing individual growth. All interns and leaders are expected to meet bi-weekly throughout the academic calendar with the chaplain and other leaders for matters of discipleship growth and logistical planning. Every intern and leader will also meet for one-on-one conversations with the chaplain at various points throughout the year.

Internships are opportunities to explore faith-based leadership in a campus setting by taking on particular responsibilities that help create hospitality and dialogue within the OCC.

The intern roles for 2024-25 year are:

  • Feast & Faith Support Intern(s) – Up to 2 roles
  • Marketing & Communications Intern – 1 role
  • Learning & Action Community Intern(s) – Up to 2 roles

Internships include a $500 financial stipend per semester. Specific role descriptions are found below.



The Feast & Faith Support Intern(s) are responsible for the hospitality of our weekly Feast & Faith function. The role includes connecting with supper makers, setting up and preparing for dinner, clean up and thank-you notes. By “setting the table,” the Feast & Faith Support intern(s) play an important role in the atmosphere for Christian conversation and connection.

Once/semester the chaplain will provide a schedule of supper makers along with contact information for the supper makers that year. The Feast & Faith intern(s) will email supper makers with date(s) when they are scheduled to provide a meal. The email will include an introduction and provide a sheet of details to consider (provided by chaplain).

Weekly responsibilities: 

  • Send reminder email to supper makers a week before their scheduled date.
  • Arrange for food drop off
  • Set up for supper
  • Assist as much as possible in preparing (reheating) food for service
  • Assist in keeping inventory of items needed in kitchen (e.g.: dish soap, tea, etc).
  • Take photos of Feast & Faith
  • Recruit help and arrange greeting and dishwashers/clean up crew among the F+F community (it’s best to get a schedule set early in the year)
  • Send thank-you email to supper makers in the day following Feast & Faith and possibly give them a taste of what the conversation was about and include a photo
  • Send thank-you cards to any Feast & Faith guest speakers

Financial Stipend: $500/semester

The Communications & Marketing Leader will work with the team to consider ways to advertise events, gatherings and opportunities. 

Weekly responsibilities:

  • Designing posters and promos via Canva pro account (no experience in graphic design necessary)
  • Ensuring Facebook & Instagram are up to date and well used
  • Updating & maintaining the email list and sending once/week email updates to students during the academic calendar
  • Setting up once/semester postering campaigns on & off campus
  • Strategizing & delegating tasks for Clubs Fair & tabling opportunities 

Financial Stipend: $500/semester

These roles are based on a student’s willingness to lead a semester-long community of learning and growth while being mentored by a campus chaplain/minister. These small groups may take on different forms and foci based on the student’s interests and gifting. They are opportunities for students to develop community and friendship around a shared interest or passion. Learning communities can run for 1 semester or 2 (the whole academic year). They typically meet bi-weekly. Learning communities may invite guest speakers and participants to help them on the journey. Towards the end of the semester (or year) the learning community may plan and host an event to foster awareness in the broader OCC/campus community. 


  • Film & Faith
  • Grappling with Origins (Evolution & Creation)
  • The Pitfalls & Possibilities of Faith & Politics
  • Prayer or meditation group
  • Social action, advocacy or involvement group
  • Book club
  • You name it!
  •  Working with the chaplain to develop the plan & scope for the learning community
  • Researching resources and inviting guest speakers or dialogue partners
  • Advertising the opportunity to the student community
  • Communicating with participants 
  • Facilitating gatherings

Financial Stipend: $500/semester

Application Process

We encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible. Applications received by May 1st will be given priority. All interns and leaders will be expected to be in Ottawa on Sunday September 1, 2024 (Sunday before the Labour Day). September 1 will be a day of orientation, training, and community building with each other. 

Please apply online by filling out the application from on link below. You are also asked to electronically submit a CV or resume to Ryan Farrell, Chaplain.