Caring for one another as Christ first cared for us. Whether it’s a visit with a chaplain or friendship when you’re feeling out of sorts, you don’t need to do this journey alone.


Home is not just a place, home is people and spaces where you can be yourself, connect with others and look forward to returning week after week. All are welcome.


Following the way of Jesus; living justly, loving mercifully and walking humbly. Explore and deepen your walk with God.


Everyone has gifts they can share with others and maybe it’s time to consider how your gifts can invest in the lives of those around you.


Wherever you may be on the journey,
we want to walk alongside you.

We believe that God calls us to love the universities of UOttawa and Carleton.

Whether you’re just beginning your studies or deep into a post-graduate degree,
we want you to flourish.

Need a hot drink and a listening ear to digest your latest experiences?

Looking for community and friendships that nourish your soul through the ups and downs of campus life?

Do you want robust engagement in the big questions of life?

Do you like anime, or even movies in general, and want to explore the connection between film and faith?